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How to Stay Fit as a Stay at Home Mom

I think you other stay-at-home mothers like myself can all shout out an, “Amen!” when I say that more often than not, most people have no idea how hard we work and what tolls it all can take on our minds and bodies. If you have a husband or man in your life that understands this, then you are doubly blessed. Before I was ever married I used to be very trim and fit as I was a pretty big senior high school athlete. But having two children years later really got me off track as far as fitness goes. But I’m here to let you other mothers know that there are ways to spend your time wisely and get back into shape despite staying at home for the entire day. I hope that some of these suggestions will take root and become quite beneficial to all who read them.

The last fitness book I read reminded me that it’s crucial to keep your body moving as often as you can in order to burn off some calories. Walking/jogging and going for a run every day are two great ways to achieve this because they are the easiest forms of exercise and cost you absolutely nothing but time. I prefer doing this outdoors as I can take in some fresher air and my children can get some physical activity and have newer surroundings to observe. If you simply can’t get out then you might want to invest in a treadmill if possible. As long as you get either some walking or running in daily, your heart will most certainly thank you for it. My husband likes to take take testosterone boosters in order to help him stimulate hormone production and increase his strength, while I prefer to take a good fat burner to help me shed the pounds.

If you would like to get a more aerobic workout and take things to the next level, invest in a bicycle for you and your children if ages and finances are suitable. You can go to further places than on foot and burn more calories in a shorter time. This is all a good learning experience for your children as well if you teach them the importance of safety on bicycles and just being outdoors. Never think of it as exercise but a relaxing and recreational experience instead. Again, if you can’t get out you can also pick up a stationary bicycle as well.

This next idea might be a little humorous but you should give it a spin and see what happens. Sitting around playing video games makes you and your children fat right? Right. But whether you are familiar with such game consoles as Wii or not, did you know they have a fitness game that can actually aid you in your quest to burn calories? To make a long story short, if you participate in this game there will be jumping, stretching and running all combined and your kids can be a part of it as well. Don’t worry about others seeing you because you’re indoors anyway. I talked about my husband earlier – he prefers to do crossfit with a good nutrition plan and recently went through a muscle building program to help him gain some weight. He also took some weight gainer products to help him when he couldn’t make a meal.

Finally, if you’re into home workouts that follow a DVD, do some research and choose a program you would like to follow in the home and pick a video up online if you can’t find it in the neighborhood. This is yet another affordable way to burn some calories and you won’t have to leave the comfort of your own home.

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