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Quick Home Fixes Every Mom Must Learn to Do

Running a household, no matter the size of the structure, can be a huge challenge especially if it’s your first time to live independently with your own family. Just because you’re a mom doesn’t give you the excuse to have no knowledge at all about quick home repairs.

What if you encounter some problems that pose risks to the overall health and safety of the family? You cannot just depend on your husband or a professional handyman to come to your aid at once, particularly if you’re a stay-at-home parent.

It’s certainly more helpful for everyone if you equip yourself with know-how on broken glass patch-up, short circuit response, washing machine repair, clogged pipe treatment, and other common repair concerns around the house. That’s why I’ve been reading up more on these and even asking the neighborhood repairman for some practical tips.

Broken Windows

One of the most common problems that you’re likely to experience in the house is having a broken window. Remember to wear heavy-duty gloves when inspecting the glass. If you see that it has a crack but is quite stable, simply place clear packing tape on top of the cracked area and even on the other side if possible.

I once discovered tiny holes on our bedroom window, so even if it was tightly shut, the frosty wind managed to seep through! We had a hard time sleeping comfortably throughout the night. Hence, you shouldn’t ignore even the most minuscule hole on the window. What you can do is apply layers of clear nail polish to patch it up. Just make sure to let each layer dry before putting on another coating for thicker protection.

But what if there are actual areas with missing glass? In such case, you have to cover them up with thick clear plastic and then secure the plastic with clear packing tape.

These “first aid” repairs are important in order to keep out the cold or heat as well as to conceal potential entry points for insects. Just remember that these fixes are temporary, so you will have to have the window mended by qualified technicians as soon as possible.

Short Circuits

When a certain area of your house suddenly loses power, this may mean that there is a short circuit. If an appliance or cord seems to have turned off without warning and emitted a burning smell, this should be a red flag for you too. Indeed short circuits are a normal occurrence, but should not be ignored because they can be dangerous. Believe me… I had a friend whose apartment almost got burnt to a crisp due to a short circuit! Good thing the firefighters got there on time. So don’t even think about risking it.

So how do you initially deal with short circuits? Upon detecting where it happened, you need to immediately shut off the electricity in that specific area. Don’t try to tinker with the wires and cables. Leave this job to the experts.

Clogs and Leaks

Another problem that frequently occurs inside the house is having clogged toilets, sinks, or drains. I always have a plunger on hand to help me out in these situations. Many times, you’ll also encounter leaks in your pipes such as under the kitchen sink or even in your roof.

When this happens, it’s best to just turn off the water supply until a certified handyman arrives. It also helps to turn on a faucet so that the pressure building up inside the pipes can be reduced. In addition, you might want to stock up on a reliable plumbing epoxy that can be applied on leaking spots. This substance acts like a temporary patch.

Appliance Malfunctions

Every now and then, you’re likely to experience a malfunctioning TV or refrigerator. In such situation, make sure to unplug the power source because the condition might just get worse if you keep on using it. If you know nothing about handling such concerns, call on a qualified specialist to diagnose the problem and fix it accordingly.

Oftentimes, the washing machine acts up too and causes setbacks in your schedule. Washing machine repair comes in various forms depending on what appears to be the glitch. When I came across a washing machine repair problem before. To be on the safe side, the only first aid steps you can accomplish at the start are to cut off the water supply and unplug the appliance while you do some research or wait for the repair specialist.

Being aware of these recommended quick fixes, at least you know that you can keep your home and the kids safe while you await the arrival of skilled technicians who can handle your home repair problems.

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