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Congratulations on welcoming an associate that is fresh into your household and into. Those little plans of happiness they completely alter your life! Your lifetime now moves around your child, and you find your moves minimal all of a sudden, while it's satisfied! Like visiting the food look, even a small job appears a procedure that is troublesome.

Nonetheless, motherhood may nevertheless be very simple. You shop will get back to your standard regimen, take your walk in the park and sometimes even workout, with your baby adding along constantly. An Infant Buggy, such as a stroller or a pram, can help you put your daily life back and provide your body and you some much -required breathing place.

You'll find so many types of strollers for sale in industry, determined by your needs that are specific. Our detailed shopping information can help you assess the different styles and arrive at the one that is just ideal for your infant along with you. This guide may tell you what to search for, along with the items to remember while purchasing a buggy process for your child. It will also provide you with strategies for purchasing the best Strollers

To put it simply, possibly a stroller or a stroller can make your daily life a good deal simpler. Not, and it'll help you to get back to your regimen quicker experience bogged down by the child being attached with you 24*7. Choosing buggy that is proper for each phase can ensure that you along with your infant might have a great time .

For Newborns

Infants will need a carriage to lay down level and face you, while venturing out to get a walk that is tiny or even to the store. They'll quickly become protected sitters and commence relaxing along with your support. Prams with bassinets or fully reclined seats are suitable for babies at this stage.
At a few months, infants commence to remain erect and be caregivers that are independent. They don't need-to lie in a reclined place anymore, and are inquisitive to consume sounds and all of the views around them. Getting them outdoors in a stroller can help you present the world around them and them.

For Toddlers

Children can certainly tire. It may put needless strain on legs and their sensitive feet. Small children can go merely small distances for your first 3-4 years, but which shouldn't end you from acquiring them or for a walk-in the park. A buggy works as an excellent option by providing better mobility without tiring out the little people.
Most strollers have a storage space at the end, producing them ideal shopping companions, while giving your youngster a ride that is secure, comfy.
Should you be itching to get back again to your exercise routine, you can find strollers which are made just for the purpose of running, which means that while you walk around the playground you can be accompanied by your kid.

Child Safety
Child safety is a priority for each guardian. Buggies and Strollers give a relaxed and safe atmosphere for the little one, because of the amount of attributes they have.

Metal Frame
The protective durable steel body ensures that your child includes a trip that is firm and comfortable.
Wheel Mechanisms
Many Buggies and Strollers have locking mechanisms on the wheels. Therefore, if both hands are taken by you off the handle to pick a product at the food store up, you be sure your infant will not roll away and can lock the wheels.
Safety Harness
The safety harness be sure that the child is secure inside the carriage, and does not tumble around, or even to the factors, while operating. They also act as defense against any abrupt halts or unforeseen crashes.
Being an extra safety measure, some strollers likewise come with protection tethers, where you can tether your hand and the carriage together and start to become doubly sure that the carriage will not roll away from you.
Strollers and some Buggies feature a removable bumper bar, which gives added frontal safety for the child. Incase the buggy is sent with quick pressure or even the child guidelines forward this club prevents the kid from decreasing around.
Defensive Shades/Cover
Canopy or the sunshade retains sunlight away, offering your child a cool destination for a experience under, possibly during summers.
Water Resistant Material
The cloth used-to address canopy and the shape is generally water repellent, so your baby continues dry through the rains also.

Quick Home Fixes Every Mom Must Learn to Do

Running a household, no matter the size of the structure, can be a huge challenge especially if it’s your first time to live independently with your own family. Just because you’re a mom doesn’t give you the excuse to have no knowledge at all about quick home repairs.

What if you encounter some problems that pose risks to the overall health and safety of the family? You cannot just depend on your husband or a professional handyman to come to your aid at once, particularly if you’re a stay-at-home parent.

It’s certainly more helpful for everyone if you equip yourself with know-how on broken glass patch-up, short circuit response, washing machine repair, clogged pipe treatment, and other common repair concerns around the house. That’s why I’ve been reading up more on these and even asking the neighborhood repairman for some practical tips.

Broken Windows

One of the most common problems that you’re likely to experience in the house is having a broken window. Remember to wear heavy-duty gloves when inspecting the glass. If you see that it has a crack but is quite stable, simply place clear packing tape on top of the cracked area and even on the other side if possible.

I once discovered tiny holes on our bedroom window, so even if it was tightly shut, the frosty wind managed to seep through! We had a hard time sleeping comfortably throughout the night. Hence, you shouldn’t ignore even the most minuscule hole on the window. What you can do is apply layers of clear nail polish to patch it up. Just make sure to let each layer dry before putting on another coating for thicker protection.

But what if there are actual areas with missing glass? In such case, you have to cover them up with thick clear plastic and then secure the plastic with clear packing tape.

These “first aid” repairs are important in order to keep out the cold or heat as well as to conceal potential entry points for insects. Just remember that these fixes are temporary, so you will have to have the window mended by qualified technicians as soon as possible.

Short Circuits

When a certain area of your house suddenly loses power, this may mean that there is a short circuit. If an appliance or cord seems to have turned off without warning and emitted a burning smell, this should be a red flag for you too. Indeed short circuits are a normal occurrence, but should not be ignored because they can be dangerous. Believe me… I had a friend whose apartment almost got burnt to a crisp due to a short circuit! Good thing the firefighters got there on time. So don’t even think about risking it.

So how do you initially deal with short circuits? Upon detecting where it happened, you need to immediately shut off the electricity in that specific area. Don’t try to tinker with the wires and cables. Leave this job to the experts.

Clogs and Leaks

Another problem that frequently occurs inside the house is having clogged toilets, sinks, or drains. I always have a plunger on hand to help me out in these situations. Many times, you’ll also encounter leaks in your pipes such as under the kitchen sink or even in your roof.

When this happens, it’s best to just turn off the water supply until a certified handyman arrives. It also helps to turn on a faucet so that the pressure building up inside the pipes can be reduced. In addition, you might want to stock up on a reliable plumbing epoxy that can be applied on leaking spots. This substance acts like a temporary patch.

Appliance Malfunctions

Every now and then, you’re likely to experience a malfunctioning TV or refrigerator. In such situation, make sure to unplug the power source because the condition might just get worse if you keep on using it. If you know nothing about handling such concerns, call on a qualified specialist to diagnose the problem and fix it accordingly.

Oftentimes, the washing machine acts up too and causes setbacks in your schedule. Washing machine repair comes in various forms depending on what appears to be the glitch. When I came across a washing machine repair problem before. To be on the safe side, the only first aid steps you can accomplish at the start are to cut off the water supply and unplug the appliance while you do some research or wait for the repair specialist.

Being aware of these recommended quick fixes, at least you know that you can keep your home and the kids safe while you await the arrival of skilled technicians who can handle your home repair problems.

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The Insider's Guide to the Best Jogging Stroller
How to Stay Fit as a Stay at Home Mom
How I Combat the Ravages of Motherhood

The Insider's Guide to the Best Jogging Stroller

Athletic parents just like you should look for the right stroller that would allow you to bring along your child as you get your regular exercise. Before you head off to the park for your daily jog, make sure you have the perfect jogging stroller that will ensure the safety and comfort of your child. These strollers are sturdier than your regular 4-wheeled stroller because they can withstand any types of surfaces and bumps on the road.

When you shop for a stroller for infant and toddler, you may want to look for the following features:

1. Safety Certification

Before you purchase a stroller, make sure it is certified by a recognized institution such as the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) based on the strict standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials. Strollers that are JPMA-certified are built with optimum durability and safety in mind, and these products have passed intensive safety tests.

2. Pneumatic or Air-Filled Tires

You should opt for strollers with three pneumatic tires that ensure the smoothest ride possible. However, make it a point to check the tire pressure on a regular basis and inflate the tires when necessary.

3. Durable 5-Point Harness

As with a regular harness in baby car seats, the jogging stroller should come with a 5-point harness that goes over your child’s shoulders, hips, and in between the legs. This feature can keep your baby secure while reducing potential injuries in the event of a crash.

4. Safety Strap or Tether

The safety strap found on one end is connected to the back part of the stroller while the other one includes a loop that you can wear around the waist. The tether works by preventing the stroller from simply rolling away as you jog. With this feature, you can save the life of your child in case you trip with traffic as you run outdoors.

5. Parking Brake

You must make it a point to engage the parking brake whenever you need to park the stroller to prevent it from rolling downhill. Moreover, you need to double-check the brake since it must be fully-engaged to keep the jogging stroller in place.

6. Wide Canopy

This feature protects your child from various elements such as the heat of the sun, strong wind, rain and frost. So, when you shop for a good stroller, make sure it has a large canopy that can be positioned in a number of ways. This is a very important component in strollers, particularly when you are jogging in the evening before sunset or early in the morning.

7. Storage Basket

This is another good feature that good quality strollers have. The storage basket is used storing items that you and your baby will need when you are outdoors. It also serves as the lowest center of gravity that can keep the stroller from tipping over. Instead of putting the diaper bag or your purse on the handlebar, place these things in the basket to prevent the stroller from being tippy and unstable.

8. Folding Mechanism

An excellent stroller must come with a good folding mechanism that adds to the convenience of storing it when not in use. Although the wheels may be taken off and placed back on, a jogging stroller can take up more trunk space than regular small-wheeled strollers.

9. Cup Holders and Trays

A cup holder and tray can serve as an additional place to put small items that will add to your convenience as you take your morning or evening jog. These cup holders may be a bit shallow such as 2 inches deep.

In your search for the best jogging strollers, the following brands and models can be an excellent option that will suit your needs and budget.

1. BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller


The BOB Revolution SE single stroller is renowned for its sturdiness and stability. it is great for babies who are less than 70 pounds. What’s great about this stroller is that it offers a number of intuitive features to ensure the safety and comfort of your child. For instance, it has a durable and maneuverable front wheel that offers the ease in turning or keeping the stroller stable while you jog. The BOB Revolution SE also has a good pair of rear wheels, which allows you to roll along the stroller easily.

Another remarkable feature of the stroller is its lightweight frame made of sturdy aluminum. It is easy to fold or unfold the stroller, and it is unlikely for you to encounter problems when you need to store or use the stroller. It also comes with high quality suspension system that absorbs the amount of pressure and force when the road is bumpy.

This stroller model also has a reclining seat that can be adjusted backwards to a maximum of 70 degrees. The canopy on top of the seat can be arranged in a number of positions, and there is a viewing window that allows you to see how your child is doing.

Overall, the comfy seat, durable wheels, lightweight and sturdy frame, and remarkable suspension system make this product a fine choice. You will appreciate its stylish appearance and functional components that add to the stroller’s amazing appeal.

2. InStep Safari Swivel Jogger


The InStep Safari jogger stroller has durable front and rear wheels with molded rims to maintain the stroller’s stability. You will also be impressed by its dual-trigger folding mechanism, so you can fold the stroller easily when not in use. Basically, this stroller brand is recognized for its extensive features that keep kids safe, comfortable and at ease during the ride.

The wide canopy can be extended up to about 2 feet, and you can adjust it to any angles depending on your needs. When you jog in the early morning, you can use the canopy to shield your eyes from the sun. This canopy is also great if it suddenly drizzles while you jog, so your baby is protected from the rain.

Your child will love the comfortable reclining seat that you can push back up to 175 degrees. In case you want to adjust it into a seated position, you can do so by adjusting it between 90 and 100 degrees. Make sure, though, that you secure your child using the 5-point harness and padded shoulder straps.

You will be impressed with the easy-assembly feature of the stroller since it can be folded and unfolded in a matter of 15 minutes. With just a single push of the button, you can instantly unfold it and place the whole thing in your car’s trunk. The stroller is quite compact, so you may want to clear the trunk first before you place it inside.

3. Joovy Zoom 360 Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller

Joovy-Zoom-360-Swivel-Wheel-Jogging-StrollerThe Zoom is one of the best brands of jogging strollers in the market, which is designed to ensure your child of a smooth and comfortable ride no matter where you jog. It exudes a rugged and sporty look, and this stroller is certainly an outstanding solution for a brisk jog, easy walk or a stroll along the park or beach. The stroller also has a unique and attractive in-seat fold that works intuitively and sensibly, which may even capture the interest and curiosity of on-lookers.

The Joovy Zoom has a remarkable wide seating that offers ample space for your little one. Other notable features of the stroller include the functional mesh pockets at the side portion of the seat that may be used for storing your baby’s toys. The 5-point harness, on the other hand, keeps your child safe and secure while seated in the stroller. Moreover, the seat can be reclined in various positions to ensure your baby’s comfort during the ride.

You will be impressed with the stroller’s swivel front wheel, which glides easily and maneuvers in any direction you prefer. It also locks perfectly into the Zoom 360 that provides for a stable and reliable wheelbase.

As you jog, you may want to bring a few personal items such as your purse and house keys. You may place these small items at the parent organizer, or a special compartment found at the back part of the stroller. There are also zippered compartments and two cup holders for additional storage areas.

Lastly, this stroller model features a functional suspension system that offers superb shock absorption to ensure a smooth ride. Even when you pass by a rough terrain, the stroller will still maneuver easily because of this brilliant suspension system.


These are only some of the things you need to keep in mind as you shop for the right stroller for your child. If have two babies than read the full review of the best double jogging stroller. Consider these top 5 brands and key features you should look for in the best jogging stroller, so you can find the perfect product that suits your needs and standards.

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How to Stay Fit as a Stay at Home Mom
How I Combat the Ravages of Motherhood

How to Stay Fit as a Stay at Home Mom

I think you other stay-at-home mothers like myself can all shout out an, “Amen!” when I say that more often than not, most people have no idea how hard we work and what tolls it all can take on our minds and bodies. If you have a husband or man in your life that understands this, then you are doubly blessed. Before I was ever married I used to be very trim and fit as I was a pretty big senior high school athlete. But having two children years later really got me off track as far as fitness goes. But I’m here to let you other mothers know that there are ways to spend your time wisely and get back into shape despite staying at home for the entire day. I hope that some of these suggestions will take root and become quite beneficial to all who read them.

The last fitness book I read reminded me that it’s crucial to keep your body moving as often as you can in order to burn off some calories. Walking/jogging and going for a run every day are two great ways to achieve this because they are the easiest forms of exercise and cost you absolutely nothing but time. I prefer doing this outdoors as I can take in some fresher air and my children can get some physical activity and have newer surroundings to observe. If you simply can’t get out then you might want to invest in a treadmill if possible. As long as you get either some walking or running in daily, your heart will most certainly thank you for it. My husband likes to take take testosterone boosters in order to help him stimulate hormone production and increase his strength, while I prefer to take a good fat burner to help me shed the pounds.

If you would like to get a more aerobic workout and take things to the next level, invest in a bicycle for you and your children if ages and finances are suitable. You can go to further places than on foot and burn more calories in a shorter time. This is all a good learning experience for your children as well if you teach them the importance of safety on bicycles and just being outdoors. Never think of it as exercise but a relaxing and recreational experience instead. Again, if you can’t get out you can also pick up a stationary bicycle as well.

This next idea might be a little humorous but you should give it a spin and see what happens. Sitting around playing video games makes you and your children fat right? Right. But whether you are familiar with such game consoles as Wii or not, did you know they have a fitness game that can actually aid you in your quest to burn calories? To make a long story short, if you participate in this game there will be jumping, stretching and running all combined and your kids can be a part of it as well. Don’t worry about others seeing you because you’re indoors anyway. I talked about my husband earlier – he prefers to do crossfit with a good nutrition plan and recently went through a muscle building program to help him gain some weight. He also took some weight gainer products to help him when he couldn’t make a meal.

Finally, if you’re into home workouts that follow a DVD, do some research and choose a program you would like to follow in the home and pick a video up online if you can’t find it in the neighborhood. This is yet another affordable way to burn some calories and you won’t have to leave the comfort of your own home.

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How I Combat the Ravages of Motherhood

How I Combat the Ravages of Motherhood

As a woman, I can hardly think of an experience which brings me more joy, pride and a sense of accomplishment than motherhood. However, I am also aware that the exacting responsibilities and inevitable stresses which come packaged with the experience of being a mother can wreak havoc on any woman’s appearance and general health. These ravages invariably show up on the face, manifesting themselves in the fork of such defects as

  • Age spots

  • Droopy eyelids

  • Wrinkles

  • Worry and fine lines

  • Droopy eyelids

If there is one thing I have learnt as a mother, it is that worrying about a problem does not help to lessen it but only in making it even bigger. When my face started showing premature signs of aging, I went out of my way to look for solutions. As  a mother constantly saddled with a thousand cares and responsibilities from dawn to dusk, I had no time to attend lengthy (not to mention costly) facial therapy sessions at a beauty salon.

After many long months of trial and error, I finally hit upon to failsafe procedures to guarantee that even when my young children prove too much to handle, the stress of it all does not manifest itself on my face. What is even better is that I can use the treatments effectively in my own bathroom, often during stolen moments in between chores.

These two methods are:

1. Under eye wrinkle creams

2.  Vitamin C serums

Under Eye Wrinkle Cream

The skin under the eyes is much more sensitive than elsewhere on the face. As such, anti-wrinkle creams which may be effective for the rest of the face may only exacerbate the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes. To protect and treat the sensitive eye area, only use good under eye wrinkle cream brands which are formulated with peptides  such as Argireline and Matrixyl.

Peptides are a special class of proteins which can be made from either long or short chains of amino acids. Peptides may either be natural or cosmetic though the ones used in the cosmetics industry are invariably synthetic. Indeed, synthetic peptides are considered more potent than their natural equivalents as manufacturers can control their formation under laboratory conditions to give them more effectiveness in targeting wrinkles and other skin defects.

Vitamin C serums

I was almost on the point of giving up on facial serums as a way to revitalize the youthfulness of may face. That is until I tried a facial serum fortified with vitamin C. In a matter of weeks, not only did my face look much younger but the skin remained radiant the entire day no matter how much of a stressful day it had been.

It is worth remembering that vitamin C oxidizes easily and therefore it should be kept in tightly closed containers. To make sure that the products can be stored for a long time without risk of oxidization, the best vitamin c serums are packaged in darkly tinted bottles.

Being a mother is not an easy task, even for the most resilient among women. To cope with the stress that the role brings along, take time to treat yourself well daily. The tips I have given above have stood me in good stead for years and enabled me combat the ravages and tell tale signs that motherhood leaves on the face.

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